Session 4, Day 11

By Sandy Schenck

Today has been another wonderful day at the Green River Preserve! With the normal schedule, we woke up at 7:15am for breakfast by 8:00am of grits, eggs, and bacon. Campers watched the morning skits, learning the meaning of “juxtaposition” during “Word of the Day” and all about the Brown Thrasher during “Bird of the Day.” Then it was time for morning mentor hikes. One group saw a dead copperhead snake while bush-whacking near the river and were able to examine it and even see the fangs! Because of some gray weather, one of the groups got to spend the morning climbing on the challenge course set up in the rafters of the lodge—a rare treat!

After their hikes, campers came back to lunch on barbecue and tator tots, and the two youngest cabins, Little Tree Two and All Tucked Inn Two both won cabin inspection! Hemlock Hut Two, however, was awarded “sock-topus,” along with the responsibility of taking the ORT to the compost pile, for being the dirtiest of all of the cabins today. Also during lunch, campers signed up for tonight’s Variety Show. We anticipate a range of talents and skits, and enthusiasm is running high!

After a much needed rest hour, campers continued on to the first day of their last two activities of the session, followed by every campers favorite hour of the day—free time.

So far, it’s been a smooth sailing day and everyone is excited for tonight’s festivities!