Session 4 Day 12

By Sandy Schenck

Mentor hikes and activities finished today with some exciting finds and unusual happenings! Our visitors to the Indian Cave, in addition to seeing the “chimney” room and the “dry” room, also found some Ghost pipe, a flower that is also called Indian pipe; Ghost pipe is all white – stem and flower – and so it is quite unusual-looking. They also noticed a bat roosting in the cave. One group also saw a cluster of about 20 lampshade spiders, a relatively rare sighting. Campers and staff were also excited about the two giant red mushrooms they found. Fungi do love rain!

We love rain, too, but we do appreciate sunny days for hikes and activities, and we got that today. Campers were climbing and rappelling at the climbing tower and shooting for the “dream shot” in Archery and BB Skeet. Yesterday in Outdoor Skills, campers were building a primitive shelter, making a tent out of sticks and a leaves-and-pine-straw covering. Today, they were experimenting with different types of traps, including a spring trap. Then they went and played with our three white silkie chickens—so fluffy and cute! Our Fly-fishers noticed a fish in distress and attempted a fish rescue, by giving it a sort of fish-CPR, massaging and supporting it. (To be completely honest, the fish did not survive, so we cooked it up and they got to taste it at dinner….the cycle of life goes round and round….)

Tonight’s evening program is Cabin Night, so cabin groups are enjoying some cabin-bonding time. One group is having a dance party in the Lodge; another is going swimming in the swim lake. Another group is having a shaving cream fight on the front field…. It’s a safe bet that they will end up in the lake, too! And one plan all the cabin groups have in common is food—several groups are making s’mores, another group is making banana boats, and at least one group is making milkshakes.

Tomorrow campers have some exciting choices for GLP’s (Group Learning Projects), ranging from a day spent fly-fishing to a day baking cupcakes. We’ll have more on that tomorrow evening!