Session 4 Day 13

By Sandy Schenck

Campers and staff participated in some fantastic Group Learning Projects today! For the last day of the session, campers get to choose from a variety of day-long fun learning experiences. One group spent today at our Pioneer Cabin. After they enjoyed a delicious lunch of venison stew, baked squash, fried green beans and apple pie (all prepared over an outdoor fire), they made flutes from river cane. Another group participated in a Native-American style sweat lodge, learning about this ancient purifying ritual. Another group prepared for “Zombie Survival”—what would we do if zombies took over the world and we had to live in the woods?!?! They spent the day learning survival skills, including how to stalk game and build debris shelters. Some of our campers chose the fly-fishing extravaganza. They spent the morning practicing their casts in our canoe lake at base camp; then they headed down to Hemlock Field and tried their luck in the Green River. Other campers preferred to spend the day at the Farm, learning about butterflies at the Green River Preserve and building a petroform—a rock formation in the shape of a butterfly. Three groups went on expanded hiking trips; one of these groups incorporated art into their hike, sketching and painting along the way. Another group of hikers explored sensory deprivation, hiking blindfolded and doing Solo Sits in Indian Cave. Then, after they emerged from the cave, they reversed direction, playing some games that emphasize sensory overload. We had a group of canoers head for Little River; they canoed their way to Hooker Falls to see the beautiful view there. Finally, we had a group stay in Base Camp, baking cupcakes! But these were not just ordinary cupcakes; they were cleverly disguised as drumsticks, mashed potatoes, peas and carrots (it’s amazing what you can do with doughnut holes and Skittles!).

Once campers returned to camp from their GLP’s, final night activities began. Campers first participated in several service projects around camp. Then they headed back to their cabins to get cleaned up and pack (it’s hard to believe they will be going home tomorrow). The cupcake making group had also decorated the Lodge for our final night banquet, so we ate dinner in a festive “Underwater” setting. After we enjoyed their yummy cupcakes for dessert, our final evening program was an Upper Council Fire; we sang songs and, of course, heard a story from Bob. Campers who have returned for their fourth year were also recognized. They will receive a special Green River Preserve picture frame, signifying our appreciation for the time they have shared here with us. We finished the evening by the canoe lake, floating candleboats and listening to music played by several of our staff members. It was a quieter, more contemplative evening, which allowed us to think back on the many friends and memories we have made this session.

We will be sad to see our Session 4 campers go, but we are grateful for the time we have had together!