Session 4 Day 8--Camp-out Return!

By Sandy Schenck

Campers and staff had a terrific time on their camp-outs! Camp-out groups hiked all over camp property, played games, and cooked out. They ate tons of tortillas and beans and rice and peanut butter and oatmeal. One group caught some fish and fried those up; another group was close to our Farm for one of their nights, so they picked some fresh squash and other veggies to add to their dinner menu. Campers enjoyed exploring new territory by bushwhacking; they were all keeping their eyes open for wildlife, in particular the three remaining Grand Slam animals, but unfortunately, while we did have a sighting of a box turtle, it doesn’t count toward the Grand Slam. One group saw an amazing sunset, and another reported especially appreciating the beautiful night sky and atmosphere after a rainfall. We even had a group experiencing the camp-out bilingually, with one of our Spanish-speaking campers teaching a Spanish lesson!

When campers and staff returned to camp today, they spent some time cleaning up, and then tonight they watched a movie—a relaxing evening program. Camp-out was a great success!