Session 4 Day 9

By Sandy Schenck

Campers and staff were back on the trail this morning with more mentor hikes and activities in the afternoon. Campers who hiked on the Balds identified at least three and possibly four species of blueberries, some of which are not blue at all right now—they’ll be ripe later in the summer. Another group saw a fawn—startled, it ran away, but they had enough time to admire it. Another group discussed different types of rocks as they hiked, learning about igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks. Our mentors are constantly exploring new ways to interact with our environment; one group made pictures with mud and berry juice—nature art!

In activities, campers were also continuing stretch and grow. In archery and BB Skeet, several campers hit the “dream shot,” shots that are harder than your average bullseye to hit. Other climbers were reaching up at the climbing tower. Today they climbed; tomorrow they will have the opportunity to rappel, if they choose. In yoga, campers were literally stretching. They began the activity with an introduction circle, and then they talked about the benefits of yoga. Then they moved through the sun salutation sequence.

Tonight, we all enjoyed songs and skits at our Lower Council Fire. Then off to bed, to get some sleep—we want to be ready for another busy, fun day tomorrow!