Session 4--Opening Day!!

By Sandy Schenck

We are so excited to have our Session 4 campers join us for two weeks of fun and learning! Opening Day went smoothly; campers rolled in earlier this morning and met their counselors and cabinmates. After getting settled into cabins, campers went on a tour of camp, learning where different activities will take place and setting their table for lunch along the way. At lunch, we learned about how camp serves meals—family style—and about “ORT”—leftovers—the good and the sad ort—good ort is what you can’t eat but we can compost, like a banana peel. Sad ort is what someone could have eaten, like leftover pizza…. We have an Ort-o-meter, and we measure the Ort after every meal, and if we stay in “Coolsville,” low down on the Ort-o-meter, for the next two weeks, Paul and Beth promise to jump in the lake at the end of the session. (Campers successfully met the challenge at dinner tonight—only two more weeks to go!)
After lunch, campers and staff headed down to the Gazebo for the Respect Circle. Sandy and Missy talk about what the Green River Preserve means to them and their family, and we are all given the opportunity to agree to live in community with each other, respecting each other and all living things—“I will!” The Respect Circle is a valued tradition at the GRP.
Then campers headed to the waterfront for their swim review, and they played some games as well. After they finished there, we all headed to the Lodge for activity sign-ups. Campers will take 8 activities over the next two weeks; their choices range from archery to fly fishing to nature art to outdoor skills to pottery.
Tonight for evening program, campers and staff were excited about our all-camp Capture-the-Flag game—lots of fun!! We even escaped the rainstorms that threatened some today but never fully materialized. A super Opening Day, and we are looking forward to two terrific weeks!