Session 4: Summer Camp Day 2

By Sandy Schenck

by Vivian Delchamps, Green River Preserve Counselor

Regular scheduling continued yesterday and campers enjoyed fantastic hikes in the morning. One group went to the Spire on the new trail the Trail Blazing Expeditioners created, climbing ladders, holding onto ropes, and stepping on rocks to reach the beautiful view of the Spire. Another group spotted a turkey and copperheads at Lower Bald, while yet another saw a deer! That means we’re one bear away from the coveted Grand Slam. We also have several new Polar Bears thanks to a trip to Uncle’s Creek Falls.

Afternoon activities continued, and campers learned new archery skills and shot at targets in BB skeet. After free time and ziplining, laying around in Hammockville, and playing Frisbee, campers ate dinner and watched the Ort Report. Yesterday evening it was Lower Council Fire, so campers and staff enjoyed a fantastic display of talent. There was great music and a lot of singing, followed by a round of “Sisters, Brothers” then bedtime. It was another wonderful day here at GRP!