Session 5 Day 6!

By Sandy Schenck

Campers and staff have made the most of our last full day of camp! After breakfast, we set out for our last mentor hikes of the session. Once again, we had quite a few campers brave the cold water at Uncle’s Falls and venture into the Salamander Cave. Others hiked in the Green River; they discovered some crawfish remains and deduced that a raccoon or two had recently been lunching there. Another group took a hike up a mountain, climbing 1200 feet and taking 4906 steps. And for our most exciting report of the day: after hearing a strange rattling sound, one group looked around — carefully — and saw a rattlesnake! So while we won’t get a Grand Slam this session, 2 out of 4 is pretty good, and there’s always next year….

After lunch, campers returned to their cabins for a rest hour. Then they spent some time packing; everyone also participated in a service project, helping keep camp clean and beautiful. Next, we all met on the front field for a giant game of Bob-Tag. By the time we finished playing, it was time to get ready for our final night banquet. Campers and staff dressed up, and we all dined on pork tenderloin, broccoli, macaroni and cheese, and cherry pie and ice cream for dessert.

Our traditional final night evening program is an Upper Council Fire. We open every Upper Council Fire with the reading of the four Woodcraft Laws: Love, Truth, Beauty and Fortitude. Then Sandy reads Chief Seattle’s Letter (the letter purported to be Chief Seattle’s response to President Pierce’s inquiry in the 1800s about buying tribal lands). After some other readings, we sing songs, and then Bob (of Bob-Tag fame) tells a story. Tonight’s story involved soccer balls, frogs, and Elvis. ! Never a dull moment.

After the Upper Council Fire, we walked to the canoe lake, where the candleboat ceremony takes place. Campers are serenaded as they float candleboats in the lake; tonight was a beautiful starry night, and the backdrop of the ridgeline, even darker against the starry sky, made a dramatic setting for the ceremony.

We cannot believe our Session 5 campers are going home tomorrow; we wish them a happy school year and we look forward to seeing them again next summer!