Session 5 Opening Day!

By Sandy Schenck

Session 5 is off to a wonderful start at the Green River Preserve!! Campers began rolling in this morning, getting settled into their cabins and meeting their counselors and new bunkmates. They took a tour of camp before lunch, stopping in the Lodge to set their table before lunch. After a yummy lunch of pizza and salad bar, we all headed to the Gazebo for one of the Opening Day traditions at the GRP, the Respect Circle. Sandy and Missy Schenck talk with all of us about what the GRP means to them, and we all agree to live in community with each other for the next week, respecting ourselves, each other, and the wildlife on the Preserve.

After the Respect Circle, campers and staff headed up to the Lodge for activity sign-ups. Campers will take six activities this week, and they get to choose from a total of 28 activities. Their choices range from BB Skeet to Knitting to Outdoor Skills to Fencing to Drawing. We’ll keep you posted as the week goes by on what they’re doing in those activities!

Campers next headed down to the Swim Lake to hear about waterfront procedures and go through the swim review. By the time we finished with that, it was dinnertime! So we gathered on the porch of the Lodge and took our all-camp photo, and then we all tucked into a dinner of fried chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans, broccoli, and rolls (salad bar and pb & j are always an option, too). Chocolate cake for dessert!

After dinner, campers headed back to their cabins to change into either dark clothes or light clothes, gearing up for a massive all-camp game of … Capture the Flag!! Campers and staff alike will sleep well tonight!