Session 5: Summer Camp Day 4

By Sandy Schenck

It was the last full day of Session 5 and also the last full day of summer camp for the 2012 season. Wow! 

After breakfast, the campers set out on their last hike. One group had some extreme polar bears (over a minute) and as their mentor, Ruby, put it, “it was like a Justin Bieber concert, there was so much screaming.” In Indian Cave, the water level had gone up a bit. Sandy mentioned that he has never seen it this high before. Apparently the dry room is no longer dry. Another group of campers hiked from the lower road to Lower Bald and then to Upper Bald – showing quite a bit of fortitude. Several also crawled through the ant log.

At Reasonover, a few campers found some quartz crystals in the creek. Other campers slid down rocks in the river, dissected an owl pellet and saw a copperhead. Sandy’s group hiked along part of the Eastern Continental Divide, played on the drum rock and spotted a black slimy salamander. 

Tonight is the end of session banquet, slideshow and Upper Council Fire with the special candlelight ceremony by the lake.