Session 6, Day 10

By Sandy Schenck

Adventure was the theme for today’s mentor hikes. Bentor took his group along Long Rock Branch Creek to a part of a reserve he had not been before which is saying something. They found a medium-sized waterfall which they named Dante’s Falls after his trusty dog.

Bob’s group marked four places on the map and attempted to visit all four, but had to turn around after three due to time. He mentioned that they did quite a bit of bushwhacking to the point that it felt like the bushes were whacking them back.

Other groups visited the traditional locations such as Uncle’s, Joe’s Pool and the farm. The campers at the farm, by the way, skipped eating their usual snack of granola bars and decided to pick their snack from the wide array of vegetables and eat it by the creek.

After activities, campers signed up for Group Learning Projects (GLPs) which are scheduled for Thursday. We’ll have more details about that then. Also, tonight was the Appalachian Shindig where the campers and staff alike had so much fun dancing in the dining hall. You know they will sleep very, very well tonight.