Session 6, Day 11

By Sandy Schenck

Written by Case Kennedy

Here at GRP we ended our last day of Mentor Hikes with a Bang!

Rich took a group to Peggy’s Rock where they discovered that Peggy’s rock is now in two….Peggy and Reggie.  Maybe the two new rocks where a sign forewarning them of the two more venomous snakes they also saw on our way to another Grand Slam!

Case and Elan had two groups heading out to the Old Hemlock Grove and the headwaters of the Green River.  Campers learned about the history of forestry in the area and were able to see sections of Hemlock that are several hundred years old. The two groups then met up in the middle of the Potato Field and played a game of “Oh Deer.”

Afterwards all headed over to the headwaters of the Green River to explore and become “Cherokee Head Dunkers.”  Campers ended their final mentor hike of the session with solo sits to reflect on their time at camp and try to come up with ideas for their Spirit Stones!

Christin took a group of campers on a walkout hike along the outskirts of base camp.  Campers where able to discover all the exciting finds right in the very backyards of their cabins. Campers also were able to meet thier “neighbors” the chickens over at the Pioneer Cabin.

Bob submerged his group in an amazing water hike.  As campers dunked their bodies and hiked up stream they transformed into GRP Salmon.

Caroline took her group on a camp hike favorite up to Fawn Lake.  Campers trekked into Dupont State Forest taking in the sights of summer in full blast! The bees have been busy at work and all the forest animals have been out and about taking in the fruits of summer.  The hike’s high point was a dip in Fawn Lake.

Overall it was a fantastic day and all the campers seem to be looking forward to tomorrow’s Group Learning Projects!