Session 6, Day 9

By Sandy Schenck

The campers had some exciting hikes this morning. Caroline’s group hiked to the Spire and according to her they “had the BEST time.” She had them all stand up to be recognized. Kristen’s group explored Hemlock Field and talked about the local history, slid down Bloody Knee Rock.

Another group ventured to Long Rock and Indian Cave. Several campers earned bravery beads by going to the dry room by themselves. Sandy even led a hike this morning to the Balds.

In other news, the Cabin Fairy is interviewing replacements for Lars being that he turned in his resignation last week. They’ve interviewed some well-known characters at GRP. Today Mr. Coolsville was asked several interesting questions such as if he can fly, is a vegan and more.

Also, today Cat announced that tonight is PIRATE NIGHT! The campers were super-excited about this. And if that weren’t enough, she also said there will be a staff hunt. Each staff member is worth a certain amount of points – basically the number of years multiplied by 100. Mentors Caroline and Rich better watch out! (They’ve been at GRP since they were campers!)

New videos and photos were also posted today!