Session 6 Update, Day 3

By Sandy Schenck

As usual the campers saw some really cool things on their hikes such as salamanders, waterfalls and so on, but the neatest thing had to be cordyceps found on a cricket.

This fungi basically manipulates the behavior of the insect – in this case making the cricket climb up a tree which is not typical. The spores of the fungi attach themselves to the outside of the insect so that it can reproduce. You should have heard the “wows” that came from the campers when Owen, GRP mentor, told them about it after lunch.

Some of the activities the campers enjoyed today included outdoor skills (making fire), pottery, guitar, canoeing, fly-fishing, crafts, painting, drumming and much more. (A couple of videos were posted of the activities.)

The evening program was Lower Council Fire where stories were told and songs sung around a campfire. What a great way to end the day!