Session 7 Update (Day 3)

By Sandy Schenck

This morning, during a mentor hike, Bentor’s group of campers, on the way to the Balds, spotted some hawks. They also checked out the trailcam photos which had images of bear, coyote and other wildlife on the preserve. Cat’s group hiked around Hemlock Field and enjoyed the cool water of the Green River.

Caroline’s group went to Uncle’s Falls where several campers became polar bears. To become one campers stand under the cold mountain waterfall and say, “polar bear, polar bear, polar bear” three times. (If that doesn’t wake them up, I don’t know what would.)

After lunch and rest hour, the campers enjoyed three activity periods which included painting, crafts, dance, nature art, outdoor skills, canoeing, climbing and more.

Tonight will be Pirate Night which is always fun… especially eating food without using any utensils! It’s important to stay in character of course.

(The last cabin photo was uploaded earlier this afternoon as well as some photos from activities.)