Session 7 Update: Day 4

By Sandy Schenck

Written by Case Kennedy

What an exciting day for mentor hikes at GRP!  Cat took a brave group of campers up to the Indian Cave.  They ventured into the wet cave, the dry cave, and a few brave campers even crawled into the worm hole.  Their fortitude was rewarded with bravery beads!  The group then went on to explore Long Rock and they took turns lying under the bivouac.

Bentor’s group headed out to the Hemlock Grove to explore and compare new growth versus old growth forests.  They also came across the skeletal remains of a snapping turtle and are looking into ways to preserve the shell.

The Uncle’s Falls group was led by Elan and we have numerous new members to add to the Polar Bear club.  Rich led a group on one of the more difficult hikes up Upper Bald.  They did several “Sassafras Shouts” to lure the wild turkey’s out of hiding… sadly the turkeys were a no show.

However, Caroline’s group had a little more turkey luck on their side.  The group had a walkout hike and went into Dupont State Forest to take a swim in Fawn Lake.  This group must have been partaking in some excellent stalk walking because they came across a family of wild turkeys!  So far we are two animals into a Session 7 Grand Slam – only a bear and venomous snake to go!