Session 7 Update: Day 5

By Sandy Schenck

Caroline’s group saw hawk and crow feathers, but not the actual birds during their hike this morning to the Balds. They played in the creek and had a “wonderful time.” Bentor’s group, aka the Polarized PopTarts hiked to Indian Cave where he had several campers go into the cave without any flashlights earning several bravery beads.

Rich’s group visited Uncle’s Falls where many of the campers became polar bears. At the GRP farm, another group of campers harvested 80 lbs. of potatoes which soon the campers will enjoy in the dining hall.

For dinner tonight the campers and staff dressed like twins for Twinner night. The evening program was the Variety Show – so much talent!

(Several sets of photos were uploaded today. Please check your CampIn Touch page to view them.)