Session 7 Update: Final Day

By Sandy Schenck

This week has flown by! Didn’t these campers just arrive yesterday? No? Well, it sure seems that way.

After a hearty breakfast, the campers went on their last mentor hike. Elan’s group climbed to the Balds and enjoyed the picturesque mountain views and had solo sits where they reflected about their time at GRP… and that they had just spotted a copperhead! Three down and just one to go… too bad it’s the last full day.

New polar bears emerged from Uncle’s Falls with Bentor in the lead. Cat’s group visited Hemlock Field where they slid down Bloody Knee Rock and then played in the Green River (“where all the magic happens”). The campers became Cherokee head dunkers, river otters, salmon and mountain trout.

Christin’s group hiked to Long Rock and observed ants building a fortress. Then they made their way to Indian Cave where they explored the wet and dry chambers. Rich’s group had a load of fun at Joe’s Pool where they slid down rocks and just had a fantastic time.

After an extended rest hour, the campers enjoyed the Coco Carnival out on the front field. This evening was the Upper Council Fire where they placed their spirit stones in a circle around the campfire. Songs were sung, stories were told and then they ended the evening with a candleboat ceremony. Beautiful.