Session Finale's (Sessions 3 & 5, July 15)

By Sandy Schenck

Wow!  we had such a fun time with our Mini-campers!!  what a great group—so enthusiastic about everything.  Closing Day for them went smoothly—families arrived in a steady stream, and campers were in the East Field to greet them.  We absolutely loved having you here, and we look forward to seeing you again next year!!

Our Session 3 campers rose before dawn this morning—3 am, to be exact—for a special end-of-three-week-session GRP tradition—the night hike to Pretty Place (on Camp Greenville’s property in South Carolina) to watch the sun rise.  They ate breakfast—bagels, juice, fresh fruit—and then hiked back to camp, where they promptly fell back into their bunks and slept until lunch.  After lunch, they went on “solo sits”—an opportunity for individual reflection on the past three weeks.  Afterward, they returned to cabins to begin packing up.

We all enjoyed a final night banquet—turkey, green beans (from our farm), biscuits, roasted potatoes, salad bar, and cheesecake for dessert—and then we had our final evening program, our last Upper Council Fire.  Campers placed their spirit stones around the fire, and Sandy read from “Chief Seattle’s Letter.”  We heard some readings from staff—favorites, like “Oh, The Places You’ll Go,” from Dr. Seuss—and then we sang some of our favorite songs.  After Bob told a story, we moved to the canoe lake for our candleboat ceremony—always a striking scene, nestled as we are in the Green River Valley, with the lights glowing on the lake, and the mountain ridge silhouetted in the background.

You can check out pictures from our 3-weeker’s last full day of camp here.