Session Two Opening Day!

By Sandy Schenck

As you all know, today was opening day for the second session of camp. After the parents left, the campers took a camp tour, ate lunch, and participated in a respect circle where they pledged to respect themselves and others while upholding the woodcrafter laws. After the respect circle was the swim review and some field games. Next the campers all signed up for their activities, followed by cabin time and dinner. After dinner was an exciting, injury free, camper favorite: capture the flag. The campers are all back in the cabins now with counselors and mentors before lights out at 10PM. The blog will usually be updated around 10PM every night, but not always. There will also be odd times when it is updated earlier and sometimes not for a few days because of camp out. Please do not worry if it is not updated or you don’t see your child every day.

That said: Photos are here very soon. The username and password are on the sheet you were given before you left camp.