Something for Everyone

By Green River Preserve

Perhaps some campers, at some point in an alternate universe, may have asked, “What’s so great about GRP?” Although it seems an unlikely scenario, I’m sure it’s happened at least once in the grand scheme of the history of summer camps in western North Carolina. Fortunately for those who live, work and play on the preserve, we know the correct response—“What’s not so great about GRP?” I guarantee that list is either minuscule or non-existent.

The range of opportunity at Green River Preserve does not end. Each day, our campers learn valuable life skills that will continue to feed healthy personal growth for the rest of time. Even more, this is a place where children can be themselves and have fun in nature. It’s that simple.

With each new day and throughout, campers discover the fundamental qualities of a life lived with passion for outdoor recreation and environmental awareness. Whether it’s archery, canoeing or a creative art, there lies in wait a special something for everyone here at GRP.

Brandon S. Marshall