Spirits that refuse to be diminished by the Rain

By Sara Huffman

Happy Fourth of July!!  Even though it was another rainy day here at Green River Preserve, it still didn’t seem to matter to the kids.  Everyone woke up with a smile, put on their rain jackets and red, white and blue and headed up to the lodge for breakfast.  Loud chatter filled the room as I walked around to see everyones cheery faces.  Mentor Hikes went out as planned and the fact that the kids got to hike in the rain almost made them more excited.  


Before we knew it, it was lunch time and the groups headed in to their tables to talk about their mornings amongst each other.  Polar bears were born today on the hike to Uncles Falls, while adventurers were created on the many others.  The rain continued to fall down during rest hour, and became spotty during the three activity hours.  Yet again, the rain didn’t get the campers spirits down as they improvised with climbing in the lodge, card games, pottery, pioneering in the cabin and playing music down in the comfy couch room.  Thankfully it cleared up enough, that by free period campers were able to jump in the lake and swim around.  


As it was still raining off and on once dinner rolled around, and our evening activity of fireworks and 4th of July celebrating was postponed to the next sunny and clear day we have next.  But don’t fret, the campers ‘wowed’ us with their stories, poetry, singing,  piano and guitar playing at tonights Coffee House.  The lodge was transformed into an awesome coffee house where the kids enjoyed one another’s talents and company as they sipped on some hot chocolate and lounged around.  Some even played many different card games, put together puzzles, sat down and drew or worked on their own writing!  


It was a wildly successful night at GRP and we have the campers to thank for that as their spirits refuse to be diminished by the rain.  Looking forward to another amazing day tomorrow.  

Your GRP Photographer,

-Samantha K