Ssssnakes! (Session 6, Day 2)

By Sandy Schenck

After a hearty breakfast the campers headed off on their mentor hikes throughout the preserve.

Bentor’s group saw a rat snake but since it’s not a venomous snake, it doesn’t count toward a Grand Slam… still pretty neat to see though. They also checked out the trailcam and discovered that a black bear had been hanging out nearby, but unfortunately that doesn’t count towards the Grand Slam either. It’s a good sign though that they’re out there.

Polar bears were seen at Uncle’s Falls. Wait, polar bears? Yes, some of the campers from Caroline’s group turned into these creatures when they stood under the cold mountain waterfall and yelled “polar bear, polar bear, polar bear!”

At Indian Cave, Rich’s group showed quite a bit of fortitude by crawling into the cave without much light at all. There were a few deep-diving-muck-touchers with the Fawn Lake group led by Cat.

Owen’s group of campers explored Hemlock Fields where they discovered part of a large crawfish claw. Perhaps an otter had dined there earlier? He also had a few campers turn into otters in the Green River.

Another mentor hike group tried out some geocaching, explored a cave and snacked on blueberries growing along the trail. According to Kristen, they had a “great time!”

Carson had a group come out the GRP Farm. She shared that her group did some acts of unbargaining service by pulling weeds and squishing bugs that were eating the green beans. As a reward, they harvested some corn, sweet peas, potatoes, carrots and cucumbers, cooked and then ate them. Yum!

So, back to the title of this post… well, Bob’s group went up to the balds – going from Lower Bald to Upper Bald. And as they were getting ready to leave, they spied TWO “amazing, brilliant” copperheads in the middle of the trail. The campers were very excited to hear this when it was announced after lunch.

After a full afternoon of activities, free time and dinner, the campers and staff enjoyed a fun game of Capture the Flag. Without a doubt the campers will sleep very well tonight.

(To see videos of some of the mentor hike reports, check out the video link via your CampIn Touch page. Scroll down to view Session 6 videos.)