Staff Campout 2016!

By Green River Preserve

Although our campers have not yet arrived we like to have an annual camping trip for our staff. It is a great way to refresh their noggins on how to facilitate a campout. They started on foot, backing packing, from base camp to their designated camping shelters.

Once they arrived they setup their tarps for sleeping corridors that evening. Peter assisted his camping crew, Laine, Alex, and I in tying ropes around the trees for a sturdy sleeping cover. We learned how to tie a Bowline Knot as well as a Trucker’s Hitch!

That evening we enjoyed s’mores by the fire with 3 other camping crews and strengthen our bonds as friends.

“..and in the morning, i’m makin’ WAFFLES!” Well, we didn’t make waffles (Shrek; Donkey). Instead we made banana chocolate chip pancakes! YUMMMMM. Delicious breakfast food to get us ready for backpacking up the mountain!

After arriving to our next destination, Upperbald, the men and women dispersed to gather more helpful information for campout days.

That evening all the camping groups came together for the Variety Show! There was poetry, songs, and even fire spinning! It was a grand show presented by very talented individuals.