Staying Present

By Green River Preserve

by Lauren Betz

As we welcomed in our last opening day of the summer here at GRP, some very perceptive campers have been asking their counselors: “So, you live here ALL SUMMER?” That’s right! And we are grateful for every day.

Though it’s not our first rodeo, Session Five’s first days are something entirely new for many of our campers, who may never have visited before! This is enough to jumpstart even the most exhausted of us on staff, and you’ll notice us leading all of our favorite songs, playing our favorite games, and teaching Green River traditions with renewed vigor!

What’s the secret? Well, for many it’s coffee, but truly it’s the Green River Preserve community spirit. Every day here is a gift. To get to share our love of the land with the next generation of Base Campers (Someday-Expeditioners? Someday-Staff?) is a priceless opportunity.

We can all remember our first days somewhere new, be it camp or school or workplace. Each camper brings a unique story that we are excited to hear and add to. We’re here to make memories and it doesn’t end until every Spirit Stone, every camper’s story, is finished . . . until next year!