Summer Communications from Alumni

By Sandy Schenck

The caliber of campers and staff at GRP still amazes me! They consistently prove to be the most creative, intelligent, and passionate people I know. Many thanks to the excellent campers and staff from this summer for a safe and inspiring summer. Read on for news from some of our alumni.

Bronwyn Llewellyn – Falls Church, VA
Camper & Staff member in the 1990’s – Conservationist

After graduating with a Masters of Environmental Management at Duke (where I hung out a lot with Chris Paul, another alum!) I landed my dream job at the World Wildlife Fund as a conservation planner. I get to travel the world and lead WWF staff, government officials, and community leaders through the process to track and manage their natural resources so that we can balance the needs of wildlife and people for generations to come. It is inspiring work, and I try to pass on some of the awe and respect for our world that I first gained sitting up on Upper Bald and hiking around Treebeard Loop (with Treebeard himself!) at GRP.

Anna Grant – Chapel Hill, NC
Camper and Staff member from 1999-2004 – Student

I was thinking about GRP recently because I finally made it to a primitive living skills gathering outside of Asheville and caught up with Fuz Sanderson there. I am halfway done with college and working for the summer on an organic farm and as an intern with Appalachian Sustainable Development. As I get older, I understand that my experiences at Green River shaped and continue to shape much more about me than even my interest in environmentalism (or perhaps they allow me to understand myself and my environmentalism as totally unified and interconnected). Each summer was a rite of passage, a landmark that allowed me to understand and embrace who I was and all I am connected to still. As Fuz said, I am “still learning what I learned.” I can’t imagine any kind of substitute for those experiences during such formative years.

We also recently heard from former staff member Stephen Sonderman (91’) who says hello from Cambodia!