Sweet Summertime

By Green River Preserve

Hey y’all! It’s sweet summertime once again at GRP and the summer magic is coming into full bloom! Campers have had plenty of opportunities to learn about and pick their own berries and other edibles such as Wintergreen, Sassafras, Spearmint, carrots, and radishes. The pastel blues and lavender of sweet, ripening blueberries are popping out in the bushes under the shade of the oak and rhododendron.

The blueberries aren’t the only ripening buds here at Green River Preserve! Campers are blossoming here, growing as they learn and play with nature and each other. The summertime has brought a plethora of learning activities that give campers the chance to try out new things and explore their boundaries with nature and themselves. I have seen the transformation of a shy camper to a new camper who will at least attempt an adventure in the Salamander Cave. I’ve seen a camper who swears that they can’t stand broccoli actually shove a few forkfuls in gleefully. Who would’a thunk?

Summer is not complete without campfires, right? Campers were thrilled to experience the traditional building of a fire for our Lower Council Fire for our Evening Program on Tuesday. As the sun began to set, and the air to cool, the fire crackled and gleamed among the tinder and logs. Around the fire sat all of our campers, enjoying the musical and literary performances given by many talented staff members.

The best part of all, the sun is here to stay! Although the Green River Valley is blessed with much rainfall to quench the thirst of plants and wildlife, the sun has become a regular here at camp. Campers run across the front field with the light of day shining brightly upon them and the weather is warm and pleasant. There’s summer heat, but no summer blues here at GRP! Soon, campers will be gearing up for Campout, where they will spend time out in the wilderness under the care of their Mentors and Counselors – exploring the land, connecting with the mountains, and sitting around the campfire sharing a s’more or two. Sweet summer adventure still awaits!

Jessica, Spirit Winds 2 Counselor