TBX for the win!

By Anne Mead

TBXers have been settling in nicely. Once everyone arrived to camp the group bonding began. After a delicious lunch of baked potatoes and chili the group moved into team building. Some of the highlights included an initiative that involved flipping a camper up side down, while that person holds a cup of water and tries not to spill it. Another challenge that was introduced to TBX was the spider web challenge. This involves picking up a person and passing them through a human sized spider web hung up between two trees. Both of these actives involve teamwork, communication, and trust, all of which are vial to from an effective team.

Once the team finished team building, they sat down for a delicious dinner of hamburgers and corn on the cob. After they finished dinner, a fire was started and s’mores were made. It was fantastic. While the group hung out by the fire, different ideas of leadership were discussed and debated and many great conversations were had.
The next morning the group woke up and finalized their CPR certification by completing the last test, which was a skills assessment. It was a day full of learning! Everyone is having a great time and learning a lot, the group can’t wait to really develop their leadership skills this coming session!