TBX is the Bomb!

By Anne Mead

Greetings Parents, Guardians, Friends of TBXers, and GRP Family!

TBX is off to a great start! After a week of trail building, developing and learning about leadership skills, embarking on a backpacking trip, and a surprise trip to Dolly’s for ice cream, the TBXers are thankful to be back at camp.

Feeling refreshed after taking showers and enjoying a delicious dinner back in the Lodge, the TBXers got their cabin assignments for the next week and met with the counselors they’re going to be working with. Everyone is looking forward to meeting their campers, stepping into leadership roles, and seeing how GRP works behind the scenes. They’re a little sad that the group will be split up, but they’re excitement about being with campers makes up for it!

The fearless TBX leaders Sarah and Jason are looking forward to seeing the TBXers apply the leadership skills they have taught them the past week. They are also sad the group will be split up, but are confident the TBXers will do a great job with campers.

Stay tuned for more updates from TBX throughout the next few weeks!

Anne Izard