Teamwork Builds Friendships at GRP

By Sara Huffman

It’s another great day to be at GRP ad the weather has been beautiful!  We made it into Coolsville this morning at breakfast – which means we had very little ORT, aka left over food. ORT Man and Scruffy, (super heroes from the new millennium), promised to jump into the lake if the campers got into Coolsville three times before the week was over. It has been a real struggle the first two days, but we now only have one more Coolsville encounter to go!  

I noticed campers of all ages making a real effort to take only what they thought they could eat, and building each other up when they completely cleaned their plates. It takes teamwork to do these types things – the campers have made a commitment to themselves and each other to work hard towards a goal. We’ve seen teamwork displayed over and over these past few days. Cabins have been coming together to get to know each other and work towards getting cleanest cabin from the Cabin Fairy.

Last night at the Variety Show, talented kids worked hard to give us a great show full of comedy, theatre, music, and songs. Counselors have told me numerous stories of campers working together at their daily activities, like at canoeing where teams worked hard at noodle tag.

The campers have done some awesome and exciting things so far – I’ve seen many jump out of their comfort zone to go on a strenuous hike, get in the water, try a new activity, crawl into a dark cave, or even try a new food. Every day, campers are recognized for some of the amazing things they do.

IMG_0045 copy

 Pirate Night

Tonight, we have pirate night and staff hunt on the schedule. Staff hunt is a great game where campers look for staff members – those that have been at GRP longer are worth more points – and, if found, the staff has to jump in the lake. I can’t wait to see everyone bedecked in their pirate costumes and to see how many people are forced to walk the plank tonight.