Thank you GRP for Your Wonders

By Sara Huffman

What can I say, this has been the most amazing summer I have ever experienced, and what better way to come to an end than with a group like this. These kids have come so far in just one short week and have grown so close to each other and us staffers, this place is truly a family. Tonight has been a very emotional night for us all as the session and summer comes to an end. But before all of that, I’ll debrief about our last amazing day together this session.

It was a great morning as the bell rang and sleepy campers rubbed their eyes and made their ways up to the lodge for a great breakfast. The kids split up into their mentor groups and the explore began. As they all returned around 12:30 and re-entered the lodge for lunch, we enjoyed stories from the kids of their adventures on their last mentor hikes for the summer. Rain fell as we ate our lunch and enjoyed each others company, and continued through rest hour and the first two activity hours but cleared up just in time for the last activity.

The sun remained to shine through our banquet dinner which consisted of Turkey, mashed potato’s and gravy, stuffing, peas and homemade bread. Talk about an amazing last supper! The skies remained clear for us to enjoy our last Upper Council fire in the woods as we all placed our Spirit Stones around the fire and listened to our musicians (staffers and campers) sing and play a couple songs before Herbie came up to tell a heartfelt story.

We ended the night with a tearful Candle light ceremony, shared hugs and laughs and made our way back to our beds for one last night at camp. This place has provided me with so many wonderful memories and friendships, it is truly my second home and safe haven. I can’t even begin to express how much GRP has changed my life and I will forever love the Preserve, the kids, and my new family.

Thank you Green River Preserve for selflessly accepting me into all of your glorious wonders. It has been a summer that has changed my life for the better.

Your GRP Photographer
-Samantha K