That First Day Gratitude

By Green River Preserve

Today was the beginning of our fourth session of the summer, and while it has rained constantly for the past 48 hours, the clouds lifted, the rains stopped, and the sun came out for a beautiful opening day here at GRP. As I stood at the entrance of Boysville and Girlsville, I was greeted by such warm and wonderful faces, old and new.

Every day is a constant reminder as to why I love GRP so much, but it especially comes out on Opening Day. The families that come through those gates on Opening Day are some of the most kind-hearted people I’ve encountered, and they are bringing us their children, whom they hold near and dear to their hearts, and allowing us to spend one, two or even three weeks with them. For that, we are so thankful and appreciative. Family is such an important part of Green River Preserve and we value each and every one of them.

As parents and kids said their goodbyes, the counselors rounded up their cabins and headed out on a camp tour before cabin photo’s and the Respect Circle. Cabin photo’s might be one of my favorite activities in the afternoon after parents leave because you really get a chance to see how quickly the kids form friendships and that comfortable feeling with one another. Everyone is eager for that “silly” photograph with their cabin mates, and I must say, they get quite creative!

Moving on in the day, we all participated in a swim review, followed by cabin time and then dinner at 6:30p. Tonight we had fried chicken, sweet corn, farm-fresh mashed potatoes, rolls and always the salad bar. Just when everyone thought they could eat no more, dessert was brought out and suddenly everyone found more room.

We finished the evening with the Upper Council Fire where stories where told and songs were sung. Needless to say, it was a great opening day. I can already tell that this session is going to be a fabulous one!

Until next time,
Samantha (Media Coordinator)