The Bubble of GRP

By Anne Mead

“Bubble” doesn’t usually have a good connotation in the context of communities, but I think GRP is a wonderful bubble, one that I’d love to see expand far beyond the Green River Valley. To me, the bubble of GRP is a kind of utopia where campers and staff embrace the basic Woodcraft Laws written long ago by Ernest Thompson Seaton of the Boy Scouts of America. These four values of beauty, truth, fortitude, and love are what sustain the stability and growth of a community. If we GRP’ers share these values with others, then perhaps the bubble can grow…and not seem so much like a bubble.

To me, the values are common sense, and they are circular: beauty and fortitude, for example, seem to start with the self and then resonate with others, while truth and love seem more initially outward-oriented before being understood and embraced within oneself. Each value connects with others, and each invites different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives to come together. That’s the value of community, and I like to think that we can use these basic Woodcraft Laws from GRP to enhance our other bubbles near and far. It’s just one reason we say ‘I’m my best me at GRP.’

Written by Camp Dad, David M.