The Grand Finale (Session 7, August 7)

By Sandy Schenck

Camp-out was a great success!!  Campers and staff had a great time hiking out, hanging out, making pita pizzas for dinner, roasting marshmallows and making s’mores, and telling stories.  One group heard the calls of a great horned owl (or two or three) all night long; another group really eating dinner and watching the sun set from Long Rock.  A couple of our younger groups stayed closer to home, camping out around Base Camp, and they had fun playing games in the field; they had a good time cooking, too, sauteeing apples from our orchard and scrambling eggs from our chickens for breakfast.  Everyone came back tired and happy, and hungry for our cook-out lunch—hamburgers and veggie burgers with all the fixings, corn on the cob, potato chips, and watermelon.

Here are a few of campers’ and staff’s favorite things from camp-out:

“sleeping in the tent,” “sleeping outside” (got those several times!),  “swimming in Joe’s Pool,” “crawdad hunting,” playing in Narnia" (what they imagined the area behind the Gazebo to be), “I built a fire,” “we did yoga this morning,” “making s’mores” (got that several times, too!), “skipping rocks in the pond,” “making the tent” (setting up the tarps), “making the fire,” “the turkeys we heard in the middle of the night,” “going to Long Rock for dinner,” “watching the sun set on Long Rock,” “the hike up,” “everything!” (got that several times, too!)

After lunch, we had rest hour, and then campers and staff went to their last round of activities.  In outdoor skills, they practiced their stalking skills, sneaking up on other activities.  In nature art, they made cool sculptures out of things they found in nature—pine cones, branches, leaves, rocks.  In outdoor cooking, they made tin-foil packs, with bananas and other yummy stuff.  In fly-fishing, we had an activity period of all-new fly-fisherpeople!  They had a great time learning how to cast and trying it out in the lake.  Our archers were excited, and not just about shooting—they paused their activity for about 5 minutes while a deer wandered across the course.  Quite a sight!

After our final activity period, campers enjoyed their last free time, swimming in the lake and playing on the West Field.  Then we gathered in the Lodge for our final banquet, and after that we headed up to the Upper Council Fire.  We sang songs and, of course, heard a story from Bob.  We finished the evening by the canoe lake, floating candleboats and listening to music played by several of our staff members.  It was a quieter, more contemplative evening, which allowed us to think back on the many friends and memories we have made this session.

We have posted pictures—check here!

We have loved having your campers here with us–we hate to see them go, but we look forward to seeing them again next year!