The Life of a Camper at GRP

By Green River Preserve

The life of a camper at the Green River Preserve is as diverse as it is exciting. Every day, campers wake up to the distant sound of a bell and start the morning off by singing to the rising sun just before breakfast. After a full meal, the kids hit the trails where they spend the rest of their morning exploring caves by touch, examining thousand year old petroglyphs, and searching for spirit stones and salamanders in our local river. Campers dig for potatoes at the camp farm, learn about edible plants on the Preserve, practice recognizing and identifying various bird calls, and take turns joining the “Polar Bear Club” by dunking their heads under nearby waterfalls.

After an action-packed morning, campers feast at lunch and then take a rest hour to unwind, read letters from home, and (hopefully) nap. Once rested, excitement ensues when kids participate in three of GRP’s many activities. During these periods, kids spend their time doing anything from mountain biking on our new “Whoop-There It Is!” biking trail, building clocks out of wood, self-directing their own play in theatre class, or carving bowls out of gourdes at Pioneer Cabin. As afternoon activities wind down around 5:00pm, different varieties of fun take their place during “free time”.

Tonight’s Evening Program was TWINNER! Dress like a twin for dinner!

It was an eventful day as always at GRP!

-Dasha Alexander