The Past Few Days of OBX

By Anne Mead

This past Saturday, Outer Banks Expeditioners and their leaders had an amazing day at the beach digging holes, doing yoga, swimming, and laughing a lot. On Sunday, they had a restful town day where they learned about Blackbeard and whaling, after which they were treated to snacks of ice cream and fudge as they walked around town. That evening on their return, they cooked mac and cheese and ended the night with some fishing.

Monday morning, the crew paddled and swam in the river to celebrate the non-stormy weather. On Tuesday, they packed and prepared for their overnight trip to an island on the Outer Banks. They did get to swim safely between the storms. Goals and fears relating to the trip were discussed during a Talking Shell Ceremony that evening. Wednesday, they woke up, finished some last minute preparations, and paddled 2.5 miles to the island. On arrival, they swam in the ocean, looked for shells, and really enjoyed the quiet of the island. While sitting on the beach finishing Rose Bud Thorn after a great stir fry dinner, eight horses and two foals came onto the beach about a hundred yards away and started walking towards them. As they silently sat watching, the wild horses walked right past them and continued on their way! After that experience, OBXers enjoyed the beautiful night sky and finally got to sleep without rain flies on their tents.

On Thursday, the group paddled back from the island and headed to a lighthouse for some great views and time swimming in the ocean. On Friday, they will be cleaning gear, doing solo sits, writing letters to their future selves, and doing a Talking Shell Ceremony to wrap up their last full day together.
-Karin Perk, Climbing Coordinator and Expeditions Intern