The TBXers have been busy!

By Anne Mead

The TBXers have been putting together a Group Learning Project. The group decided to take campers and teach them about trail building and team work. During expeditions we have a leader of the day, one of the tasks of leader of the day is to write in a journal, Kent had the task of leader of the day for the GLP days. Here is his Journal entry.

Day 1: The goal was to clear and create an entirely new trail along the river by Reasonover. While working with the campers, I felt very proud watch them grow. their willingness to get into the knee-high mud and lop down trees was incredibly impressive. In the few hours that we worked, we were able to complete the trail! If felt amazing to not only complete the trail but to watch campers make the connection between working hard and achieving their goals.

Day 2: Today, we tried to complete the perimeter trail around GRP’s Base camp, behind Sandy’s house to the Gazebo. Perhaps the 1st thing to go over is safety. I observed the campers to make sure that they were always using proper safety skills. It was really empowering to help the campers stay safe. I never heard a camper complain, I had fun working with them and I hope they had fun as well.