Themed Campout

By Sandy Schenck

This morning the Session 2 campers are leaving for their campouts. One camper said, with a big smile on her face, “I’m so excited! This campout is going to be amazing!”

After talking briefly with some of the counselors and campers, I can see why. Here are the groups:

Harry Potter – Heard there’s even going to be butter beer.
The Hobbit – Campers will be acting out roles.
Mulan – Part of their menu includes rice and fortune cookies.
Sunrise, Sunset – solo-time, music, poetry – very tranquil (Mind if I tag along?)
Born to Run – And that’s pretty much what they’re going to do.
Hanging Out, Sneaking Around – self-explanatory
Adventure Ho! – Hiking to the Spire and the back way to Uncle’s Falls

Times like this, don’t you wish you were a GRP camper?