This is not the end

By Green River Preserve

Walking around to some of the activities this afternoon, campers can be seen sporting

goofy smiles, damp rain jackets and dirty clothes (we’re all thankful laundry goes out tomorrow).

At Arts and Crafts, Julia F. of ______ cabin shared, “afternoon activities mean more to me now

than they ever did. It’s the last time I will make some of these things here.” Like Julia, many

other campers aging out of basecamp bond over the sentiment of treasuring each remaining

moment of the session.

Although aging out of basecamp is heartbreaking for some, it presents new opportunities

such as OBX, WX, BRX and TBX. On these expeditions campers make new, often less

tangible, things. Instead of a dream catcher from Arts and Crafts, your child might bring home

conflict resolution skills from the Blue Ridge Mountains. Or instead of a beautifully hand­crafted

mug from Pottery, your child might bring home a stronger sense of self from Chaco Canyon.

Regardless of what child brings home with them at the end of a session, both base camp and

expeditions offer memories of growth and companionship.

Tonight, the camp will partake in a Mountain Party. During this, campers and staff will be

reading in Hammockville, going down the slip n’ slide, playing field games and countless other

activities. We hope you’ll check your Camp InTouch account to share in our adventures from the