Thoughts From a Camp Mom

By Green River Preserve

When Ruby asked me to be camp mom for a two week session, I really did not know what to think about taking the job, but is turned out to be a real adventure for this grand mom who had never been to camp as a child.

With its emphasis on the outdoors, Green River Preserve is a very special place, Every camper goes on a hike each morning. They learn about, and experience first hand, the plants and animals that live in the woods. Sightings of certain animals are treasured experiences. Not every camper sees a bear, a wild turkey, a deer or a venomous snake, but when all four are spotted during a camp session (known as a grand slam), there is much celebration. During the two weeks I was there all but a bear were spotted.

It rains at GRP, sometimes daily, but that does not seem to stop the campers and counselors from having fun. Everyone seems to take it in stride and have a wonderful time in spite of being wet; and there is nothing like a rainbow just across the way to lift your spirits.

The campers are expected to clean up after themselves in their cabins and after meals but much effort has been expended to make these chores fun and to instill good attitudes toward personal responsibility.

The Ort Report after meals, gives the campers information about how much food the campers threw away and if it was compostable, whether or not it was put in the correct bin. The counselors always give this report in an entertaining way, and very often while dressed in ridiculous costumes. Their antics get the point across that “waste not, want not” is the way to go.

I could not possibly write about all the activities and opportunities for campers at GRP, but this is a wonderful place to experience the wonders of the outdoors, to make new friends and to learn new things. It is a beautiful sanctuary and I recommend it to anyone who loves the outdoors.

Mama Jo