Tracking and Stalking at GRP

By Sara Huffman

So yesterday was our last day for GLP’s ( Group Learning Project ) and one of  the more unique ones was the Tracking and Stalking GLP run by our Senior mentor Snowbear.  It emphasized being quiet and melding with nature to see things from a whole different perspective than what we as humans are used to.  I was helping to assist it along with three other counselors and I think I speak for all of us when I say we were pleasantly surprised.



The start of the GLP consisted of solo sits. These are reflection periods that we all engaged in for about twenty-five minutes.  During these we commune with nature and the elements, watching the different bugs interact and the clouds move across the sky.  It’s very enlightening since normally we never take time out to just sit and reflect on our lives, let alone the things around us that might not initially stick out to us.  For the campers who are only here in these mountains for a few weeks this makes a world of difference in how they see the Earth.  Many of our kids live in big cities where nature isn’t near as prevalent as it is in the mountains or at the very least in areas that are hugely impacted by man. The change that is shown in a child after being exposed to nature on such a strong level is amazing.

Zechariah C. E.