Two in One Day! (Session 6, Day 5)

By Sandy Schenck

It was such an exciting day at the GRP, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves…

Elan took her group to the farm where they picked sugar snap peas, corn, carrots, cucumbers and potatoes. They brought up the last two to the dining hall for the staff and campers to enjoy.

Instead of Bentor, Gandalf of Lord of the Rings, talked about their morning hike. At the end he asked his campers to come up with him where they announced with much enthusiasm that they had spotted a DEER!

During Starr’s hike, the campers explored Hemlock Field and the Green River. They found crayfish and a large salamander which he suspected was a juvenile salamander.

Owen’s group visited Hemlock Field as well and spent some time at the old Heatherly homesite where they talked about living off the land.

Caroline and her group of campers enjoyed the fantastic views from the Balds. Normally that’s the highlight of this particular hike, but not this time around. This time seeing a large bird was what made this hike special because seeing a turkey completed the list of animals camper and staff needed to have a GRAND SLAM!

(I’ve uploaded a video titled Grand Slam – Session 6, 7/21 that starts with Bentor, I mean, Gandalf and ends with Caroline’s announcement.)

By the way, the celebration will take place after the campout since time is needed to buy all of that ICE CREAM!