Variety Show

By Green River Preserve

by Dasha Alexander

After a full day of activities, mentor hikes, and free time, campers take the stage for the infamous Variety Show once a session. The show is made up of campers of all ages who perform an increasingly wide range of talents for each other in the lodge.

These talents include, but are never limited to, banana eating, rubix cube solving, strange sound making, heart-breaking piano solos, improvised joke telling, the sweetest a-cappella imaginable, and a plethora of other varieties that can be difficult to describe.

Highlights from this event almost always include younger campers stepping out of their shells to play music for the fist time in front of a crowd and unique collaborative skits that have frequently been organized weeks before the show. The Variety Show never fails to surprise and excite each camper as well as well-seasoned staff members. It is always heart-warming and enlightening to see campers create and share things many adults could have never imagined.