Variety show fun (Session 2, June 22)

By Sandy Schenck

Hello friends and family!

My name is Lizzie Smith and I’m going to be the guest contributor for today’s blog post. I’m a counselor for Trailing Cedars 2. I’ve been on staff for the past four years and love everything about camp.

Our day started out wonderfully with biscuits at breakfast (which might be one of the foods our cooks make the best and are my personal favorite) and laundry being sent out. After that, the campers met with their mentors for information on what to bring on their second-to-last mentor hike. It always amazes me that camp goes by so fast and that the campers are about to go home! My girls had a great morning and went everywhere – from Fawn Lake in Dupont State Forest to Joe’s Pool here on the GRP property. While the campers were off exploring the woods, staff members who weren’t on hikes were busy preparing for the upcoming Group Learning Projects (GLP’s). GLP’s give campers the opportunity to sign up for all-day activities that range from reverent Native American ceremonies to a day of frisbee. Myself and fellow staff members were preparing a bus this morning for our “paint a bus” GLP. Our goal is to have campers paint the bus with a design based on The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein, but before we can do that we had to paint two layers of base coat for the kids to paint on. Needless to say, we all ended up covered in paint, but I can’t wait to see what our end product looks like!

The afternoon continued with rest hour, activities, and free time. The campers started their last two activities today and though we saw a thunderstorm and some heavy rain during the second activity period, the activities continued indoors. For example, the climbing activity moved to the lodge where they climbed the chimney instead of the climbing wall and had a great time in spite of the storm.

Our evening program tonight was the variety show. The variety show is the GRP version of a “talent show” where the campers can sign up for acts to preform in front of the Green River community. We have an incredibly talented group of campers here. The acts included yo-yo tricks, solving a rubix cube in 1 minute 39 seconds, lip syncing, and dancing. My fellow counselor Shayna and I felt like proud mothers when one of our campers faced her fears by playing her guitar and singing in front of all of camp. It’s always wonderful to see such a vibrant and creative group of young people together in one place. After the variety show finished, it was time for bed to rest up for tomorrow. Tomorrow is also the campers’ last day of mentor hikes and activities before our GLP’s on Thursdays.  All the campers are anxious to get their last free time jump off the zip line in and they are looking forward to their GLP’s. Now it’s time for me to get some rest as well. I hope you all at home enjoyed this update and I look forward to seeing some of you again on closing day!  Check out some of the great photos from today!