Walking the Land and the Water

By Green River Preserve

At Green River Preserve, we are proud that our campers dedicate about three hours a day to walking the land, getting to know the Preserve. That said, a big part of the Preserve is not land at all! This morning my hiking group spent some quality time in the Green River – not near it, not next to it, IN it! We hiked downstream over bubbling eddies and through crystal clear pools, stepping carefully so as not to accidentally trample any “salamander’s FACEs."

Led by Mentor Ian, we bushwhacked back to a trail and learned about the Carolinas’ connection to the island of Barbados, as well as some four-dollar words like crepuscular and biomimicry. If the campers can remember the words and their definitions for a whole week, Ian and Mentor Courtney are going in the lake with their clothes on! After an attempt to stalk some deer (unsuccessful, but we’re still hopeful!), we meandered back to the river for some Cherokee Head-Dunking and Salamander-ing in a deeper pool. Ian was happy to demonstrate – it’s been steamy hot in our temperate rainforest lately.

It was a wet and wonderful morning, to be followed up with some rain this afternoon. We are proud of our connection to the land here, and the land would be nothing without precious water.