Way to Make it the Best Day

By Sara Huffman





We had our first day of GLP’s yesterday! Our campers had many options, from painting the “toad” (GRP truck), to making a “canjo,” to playing Ultimate Frisbee all day, there was a GLP for all.  A favorite themed dinner here at GRP, Pirate Night, took place last night as well.  Some helpful campers assisted in preparing the lodge to look like a frightening pirate ship during free time.  Staff and campers alike got all decked out and enjoyed yo-hoeing throughout dinner.  





As the days wind to an end I am doing my best to soak up my delightful campers.  I have bonded with them all so much.  It is hard to believe we only have one full day left with these amazing kids!  My favorite memories of this session so far are the brief moments during cabin time or free time when my campers are in high spirits and we would sing songs and giggle the whole time.  It makes me happy to see other counselors experiencing the same bond with their campers as well.  This summer is going by faster than any summer I have ever remembered. I am working to store up these fond memories of my campers and GRP but still savoring the moments we have left.  





Today embarked the last full day of camp and the kids all enjoyed another adventurous GLP day.  Tonight we had our annual end of session banquet where we all ate together and then watched the end of session slideshow!  After dinner was the emotional Upper Council Fire where we reflected on the past two weeks and  voiced our appreciation of everyone around us as well as all the nature around us.  Ending the night was  our Candle Light Ceremony around the lake were we all enjoyed the last evening with our new family.  I just want to say again, thanks for a great session so far, session 4, and way to make this last day the best yet!

- Maggie