We are on a ROLL! (Session 5, Day 4)

By Sandy Schenck

Seriously. Guess which Grand Slam animal campers saw today? A timber rattler… actually TWO of them! And you know what that means… one more animal to go! I’m really amazed at how quickly the campers are spotting them during this session. We’re just in the first week – the beginning of the first week in fact! So, yes, the campers were excited when they heard the announcement. Check out the video (Mentors Rich and Bob) and also some of the other mentor hike reports in the video section.

You know… it could be the breakfasts we’re feeding them. This morning before their mentor hikes, they ate oatmeal, sausage, hard-boiled eggs, biscuits, honey dew melon, and yogurt.

After lunch the Cabin Fairy and sidekick Lars visited the campers in the dining hall. They awarded Big Laurel 2 and Whippoorwill 2 the clean cabin award – the coveted bright pink plastic flamingo. From counselor Meg, we learned that our chickens laid two eggs yesterday.

The afternoon was filled with activities and then free time. At dinner they enjoyed a delicious meal of baked chicken, wild rice, steamed vegetables, garden salad, rolls and a peach cobbler for dessert. The evening program was World Trade since Predator and Prey had to be cancelled due to storms in the area.