We Connect With Nature and Each Other

By Green River Preserve

As the breakfast bell rang, campers eagerly met at the lodge for another busy morning of mentor hikes. While their groups remained the same as yesterday, they were paired with a new mentor and a new hike location. With water bottles in hand, campers headed out to some of the Preserve’s finest spots. Cries of laughter accompanied campers as they took a quick dip in the icy cold mountain water of Uncle’s Falls, becoming official members of the Green River Preserve 2014 Polar Bear Club. Other mentor hike groups powered through a steep climb and were rewarded with the breathtaking mountain views at Upper and Lower Bald.
After rest hour, campers went to the second day of their afternoon activities. In low ropes we built on the ideas of teamwork and communication that we discussed yesterday as we moved onto the low ropes challenge course. Campers were excited to complete activities such as “All Aboard,” the “Telephone Pole Shuffle,” and “Spider’s Web.” Tomorrow afternoon campers will move on to a set of three new activities.
This afternoon, the free time sounds of campers splashing in the lake, playing field games, and jamming to music were accompanied by groups of campers preparing their acts for tonight’s evening program—the Variety Show. The Variety Show is an opportunity for campers to perform an act of their choice for fellow campers and staff. These acts range from singing and dancing, to juggling and telling jokes.
We are all excited to see the creativity and energy the campers will bring to the show!

Until Next Time,
Sara (SW2)