We Overcome Fear Here

By Sara Huffman


Overcoming your fear


Tell me dear.  

What is fear

Is it mere

A state of mind

In which you bind

Yourself so tight

That you forget to fight

And hinder your sight

But listen dear

Forget the fear

Just take a deep breath

Then close your eyes

And pray at the heavenly skies

Just think you can tame

And go for the game

May be you will scream

But will realize the dream

And feel merrier

That you overcame the barrier

Which was once your fear

But now it’s no more dear

And now if someone asks

Will you fear

You will just say

Let’s do it again dear.


I’ve seen so many kids this session overcome such great adversity while at GRP.  Whether it be climbing to the top of the the climbing tower even though they were terrified of heights, sitting in a dark cave for more than ten minutes even though the thought of darkness sends chills down their spines, or concurring their fears of the zip line and finding the courage to discover that they can most certainly overcome anything if they just believe in themselves. 



And not only have I seen campers finding the strength to believe in themselves, but also in each other.  Overcoming the fear of the unknown and trusting someone else enough to help discover greatness within.  Green River Preserve is such a wonderful place for the kids to overcome fears they never thought they’d be able to face, and while they have the strength to do this alone, they are able to feel secure in the fact that they will never have to face anything alone at GRP.  And that, is such a rewarding gift to experience.







Today was another great GLP day where kids enjoyed painting a bus (which by the way looks so amazingly awesome!), participating in the “Hunger Games” (which the odds were in everyone’s favor)  making masks or things that fly (because who doesn’t like to create awesome things?)  tubing in a lake (Relaxation with a twist) enduring a sweat lodge (focusing on your inner self and discovering your strength) or hiking over eleven miles in the mountains(Talk about exploration at its finest).  I am so proud of every single camper here and everything they have accomplished.  They have all surprised themselves by doing things they never thought they’d be able to do. 



Tomorrow is a very big day starting at four in the morning as the whole camp hikes to Pretty Place to enjoy an amazing sun rise (if weather permits).  I’m very excited to lead my girls to the chapel where we will get to enjoy a peaceful morning.

Your GRP Photographer,

-Samantha K