We wanna see a snake!

By Sandy Schenck

Because during the campout yesterday, Will in Rich’s group saw a DEER! So, that means three down and ONE to go – a venomous snake. That should be easy, right? When it was announced at lunchtime – the ENTIRE and I mean ENTIRE dining hall erupted in cheer. I think the folks in the next county even heard us.

The Hanging Out/Sneaking Around group had a fun time sneaking up on folks. They left Laffy Taffys behind at various camp sites as their “calling card.” I also heard that a water balloon fight broke out at Hemlock Fields involving the Mulan group. But in the end China was saved. The Hobbit group which comprised of 13 dwarves saw some running elves, crushed Smaug’s town, got some treasure on Lower Bald and did many other things.

Campers in the Harry Potter group made wands, drank pumpkin juice and butter beer, played Quidditch and destroyed a few horcruxes. The campers in the Born to Run group ran and boy did they run – 20 miles in total – including a 2.5 miles night-run. According to Mentor Caroline, the Sunset, Sunrise campout was “perfect.” They watched the sunset at Long Rock and then the sunrise at Lower Bald.

The mini-campers’ mentor hikes were full of adventure including polar bears at Uncle’s Falls, Cherokee head-dunkers at Hemlock Fields and some climbing and “itchy bears” at the Balds. After rest hour, they began their first day of activities which were arts and crafts, climbing and learning about outdoor skills at the pioneer cabin.

This evening’s dinner was angel hair pasta served with tomato sauce, Greek salad, herb bread, and lemonade pie for dessert. The evening program was a GRP favorite – Capture the Flag.

(A few photos and videos were posted.)